A beautiful January wedding at Millbrook Estate

Looking at the photo’s in this blog with the colours and the lovely light you would never know it was just the second week of January 2018, such a beautiful day for Sandra and Alan to get married after knowing each other for 40 years , joined by their fur baby Lenny ( who for the record gives an amazing dog cuddle, I wanted to take him home with me).

They married at the beautiful Millbrook Estate at High Bickington, North Devon, which has beautiful grounds for photo’s all year round. After their ceremony we took a walk around the grounds and then went back to the summerhouse where private chef Gary Shapland proided them with an afternoon tea infront of the log fire ( at this point i left them to enjoy time alone and to view the scenery from the floor to ceiling glass windows . A romantic way to spend your wedding day. 

My first newborn session of 2018

If you have not heard or seen I took the decision to close the studio at the end of 2017 after 5 years , the decision was not an easy one but I felt it was right for myself and the business. I now work as a mobile photographer and so off I went on my first newborn session of 2018 to photograph baby George who was born on Christmas Day , mum and dad and brother Charlie were all there . Being mobile now means I need to set up my work space when I arrive and this had been cleared for me with access to a power supply for my lighting .Mum and Dad had it lovely and cosy an warm which is perfect for a newborn session.It took me roughly 10 minutes to set up aided by almost 3 years old Charlie , who passed me items I needed, I actively encouraged his help as I know from experiance this can help build a relationship and a level of trust meaning the images will provide better results. Having had almost 20 years experiance working with children has taught me a thing or two.

I started by photographing sibling images , ensuring safety at all times. We then moved on to George’s solo spot , he was a very chilled baby , in a lovely deep sleep and even when he did stir he was easy to get back to sleep again , we stopped half way through for a feed. I ensure I plan and time my sessions to accomadate baby’s needs as these are first and foremost the most important part to a session . I listen to baby and that helps me provide the images . 

I am very pleased with how the session went and loved the relaxed feel of doing it withing the home with comforts all around. Please get in touch if you would like to book , I have limited availabilty for some months throughout the year so please pre book in advance.

My all time favourite time of the year …

Autumn is by far my most favourite time of the year , the colours of golden leaves , the smell of wood fires starting to be lit, crunching leave’s underfoot, stag rutting  and if we are blessed with incredible golden light then you just can’t beat it . In October I was at a intimate wedding at Milbrook Estate and took some images of the grounds bathed in autumnal beauty .

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