A Home newborn session…. an insight to what happens

So to the start of 2018 and my mobile journey is in full swing . I thought I would write a little about my home newborn session’s. A little insight to the process and the final results you can expect to achieve.  Thie photos in this set are from a shoot I did in March. I arrived at the clients home where it was nice and toasty warm in the chosen workspace , this is perfect for a newborn session as it’s nice and cosy for baby ( it does’nt matter that us adults are abit on the warm side as long as baby is warm and comfortable ) . A session will have the best results on a variety of factors - room temperature being one of the biggies !!! . When I arrive to a home , I unload my car which is full of my equipment , a large beanbag for baby to lay on , a frame which surrounds the beanbag and allows me to attach a variety of fabric backdrops which are also in my kit , I also bring wraps for posing , maybe little outfits and other bits which are my tricks of the trade !! I can’t give all my secrets away :)) A coomon question is ” How much space do you need? ” - well my frame is 5 ft by 4ft as a guide ( I need to fit me into :) Obviously the more space you can allow me the better but I am used to squeezing in and making the best of the space . It takes me around 10- 15 minutes to set up , this is a perfect time for you to feed baby in preparation for the session - a sleepy baby with a full tummy makes for an easier session. 

Now we can begin , I use a variety of techniques to help get baby nice and relaxed , parents will often call me the baby whisperer , and alot have offered me a decent hourly wage so they can have a full nights sleep, I have yet to take this offer up though it is tempting hahaha . During the session it can often take alot of time and patience to achieve a shot , hence why my newborn sessions are a little longer than most. You may find baby needs cuddles or extra feeds as they are working ! Or nappy changes . These sessions are very relaxed and great for you as parents to sit back and allow me to do the hard work. When i set up a pose , safety is paramount for me , poses should be checked for circulation to the babie’s fingers and toes for example . 

I will only do what baby allows me to do . They are in charge of the session not me :) I cannot guarentee baby will sleep , but I sure do have tips and tricks up my sleeve and a whole lot of patience. 15 years working with 0-5 years olds in pre schools taught me a thing or two! 

I ask that you only choose me to carry out your newborn session if you love my style of art . The images you see are what I do and if its not a style you like then maybe I am not the photographer for you !  My style is fine art baby photography. Art that on your walls will look amazing for years to come:)  These are not just a “quick few snaps” these images take creating and time and knowledge. 

These sessions can be anything from 1.5 hours upto 3 hours , all dependant on baby ! Put the kettle on as I am sure like most parents you will be fascinated watching the process. 

When I leave I explain to you what happens next with regards to when you will receive your images . When I get back to my edting suite each image is sorted through and hand edited , paying attentions to the background , skin tones , blemishes , adjusting shadows and such like to make your image the finished piece that you receive. All the images you see on this write up were taken in one session ( and thats not all of them ) . I sent the finished gallery to my client who very kindly gave me permission to use the images in this blog and heres what she had to say “Oh my goodness Michelle!! These are just too precious! Thank you soooo much! You’re one talented lady! Love them all!!!! Can’t wait to fill a wall with them !! “. 

If you would like to fill a wall with images and think I am the pghotographer for you then drop me a message and lets see what we can do .

Rain on your wedding day is meant to be good luck …

Hard to believe I know !!!! But the saying goes it is good luck if it rains’ on your wedding day , I think this comes from “tying the knot” and the knot is harder to untie if it’s wet . Well , rain it did on Paul and Hannah’s special day ! I feel we got lucky when we needed it to , but on my drive out to Millbrook Estate , their chosen venue , the rain was just lashing down at great speed with a lot of surface water on the road’s . I was armed and ready with welly boots , my best outdoor weather coat,  plenty of micro fibre cloth’s to keep drying my lenses and my best possible ‘positive head’ .

When I arrived the rain was starting to slow  but stop it did not ! In fact I am not sure if it stopped the whole 2.5 hours I was there , but it did just slow down to a bearable drizzle when we needed too. Paul and Hannah obviously were a little concerned about what would happen with regard’s to having their photos in the beautiful grounds. I always say , ” we just do our best , grab chances when we can and do not let a bit of water define your day, we just work around it ” , and that we did and I am so happy with the images we got. Remember the saying “ Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…. it’s about learning to dance in the rain ” , well I am a firm believe this is also the case on your wedding day. You have two choices let it dampen your spirits or learn to dance in it !!!!!!!!! Embrace the rain! Yeah it’s not great, yes its wet, yes your hair may go a little frizzy, yes it may be cold for a few minutes BUT you only have this day once , you only get this experiance once and you only get these photo’s once ! Once Paul and Hannah moved on from the initial disappoinment of the volume of rain they very much had the attitude of ” let’s just do it , we wont be here dressed like this again” ……….. I love that spirit , and it Think it show’s in their images! Take a look , carefree , in love and loving life ! 

A beautiful January wedding at Millbrook Estate

Looking at the photo’s in this blog with the colours and the lovely light you would never know it was just the second week of January 2018, such a beautiful day for Sandra and Alan to get married after knowing each other for 40 years , joined by their fur baby Lenny ( who for the record gives an amazing dog cuddle, I wanted to take him home with me).

They married at the beautiful Millbrook Estate at High Bickington, North Devon, which has beautiful grounds for photo’s all year round. After their ceremony we took a walk around the grounds and then went back to the summerhouse where private chef Gary Shapland proided them with an afternoon tea infront of the log fire ( at this point i left them to enjoy time alone and to view the scenery from the floor to ceiling glass windows . A romantic way to spend your wedding day. 

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