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Rain on your wedding day is meant to be good luck …

Hard to believe I know !!!! But the saying goes it is good luck if it rains’ on your wedding day , I think this comes from “tying the knot” and the knot is harder to untie if it’s wet . Well , rain it did on Paul and Hannah’s special day ! I feel we got lucky when we needed it to , but on my drive out to Millbrook Estate , their chosen venue , the rain was just lashing down at great speed with a lot of surface water on the road’s . I was armed and ready with welly boots , my best outdoor weather coat,  plenty of micro fibre cloth’s to keep drying my lenses and my best possible ‘positive head’ .

Millbrook Wedding Michelle Ley Photography-11.jpg

When I arrived the rain was starting to slow  but stop it did not ! In fact I am not sure if it stopped the whole 2.5 hours I was there , but it did just slow down to a bearable drizzle when we needed too. Paul and Hannah obviously were a little concerned about what would happen with regard’s to having their photos in the beautiful grounds. I always say , ” we just do our best , grab chances when we can and do not let a bit of water define your day, we just work around it ” , and that we did and I am so happy with the images we got. Remember the saying “ Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…. it’s about learning to dance in the rain ” , well I am a firm believe this is also the case on your wedding day. You have two choices let it dampen your spirits or learn to dance in it !!!!!!!!! Embrace the rain! Yeah it’s not great, yes its wet, yes your hair may go a little frizzy, yes it may be cold for a few minutes BUT you only have this day once , you only get this experiance once and you only get these photo’s once ! Once Paul and Hannah moved on from the initial disappoinment of the volume of rain they very much had the attitude of ” let’s just do it , we wont be here dressed like this again” ……….. I love that spirit , and it Think it show’s in their images! Take a look , carefree , in love and loving life ! 

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