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An intimate family wedding at Millbrook Estate

After a few hours of debatable weather in the morning I headed off to Millbrook Estate to photograph the intimate wedding of Andrew and Rebecca . As soon as I stepped into the pamper room where Rebecca was having her hair done by the ever so lovely Cathy Procter , I was met by a very excited bride who could not wait to marry her man ! Rebecca instantly adjusted to me being in the room and was not at all phased by the camera’s. Her eldest daughter also did not take long to get used to me either , within a few minutes she was flashing me cheeky smiles and at one point even flashing her tummy playing peek- a-boo behind her top. She also showed me her “ Daddy, here come’s mummy “ sign that she was going to hold … so cute!

I popped over to meet Andrew at the summerhouse who was attending to their youngest daughter , awaiting the arrival of his bride . As Rebecca came up over the steps Andrew could not take his eyes off her , she looked beautiful.Their eldest daughter played a very important role during the ceremony and handed the rings to mummy and daddy ( although at one point she did consider putting a ring on her own finger) . When mummy and daddy sealed their marraige with a kiss she joined in with everyone clapping her hands.

Whilst a cream tea was then set up for everyone , Rebecca and Andrew popped some champagne , had cuddles with their children and sat in the iconic copper swing of Millbrook - always a winner for children and adults ! And the perfect opportunity for everyone to relax and allow me to stand back and get some images . What everyone must think as I peak in between bushes to get different perspectives and angles, I will never know ! I assure you this is quite normal behaviour for me .

The children stayed with their grandmother whilst Rebecca , Andrew and I went off for some photos around the ground’s . Rebecca was fabulous at also suggesting ideas for some photo’s she wanted . As we were walking along she asked “ can we dance ?” …… absolutely , it is your wedding day , you can do what ever you want , so they did they had a little romantic dance . I do love a bride being twirled in her dress, it makes for awesome images with the movement of the dress.