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A snowy North Devon pre wedding session with Luke and Samantha

To me there is something about a snow storm that remind’s me of my childhood in North Devon, even now as an adult I get excited that it might be on it’s way. I love watching the white stuff fall and settle to the ground whilst you can be cosily tucked up indoor’s watching out the window with a big mug of hot coffee . There’s an excitement in the air from children playing in it outside and it make’s me feel all warm inside and bring’s back happy memories of living on my family farm in the middle of nowhere where you really can be snowed in. I am not going to lie, I was really wanting a snow day when the weather hit the south west in February , but alas when I awoke and looked out my window expecting everything to be covered in white crisp snow, where I live it merely looked like a snowman had  sneezed and then moved on to other parts of Devon . But never mind a couple of days later I got to head out for the pre wedding shoot of Luke and Samantha - on my drive to their home the scene’s were beautiful in parts where it really had snowed, blue skie’s and white field’s . This was my first chance to ever do a shoot in some snow but the sun was now blazing and so it was melting relatively quick but thankfully we did get a few shots with the white stuff !

Luke and Samantha opted to have a pre wedding session so that they got used to the camera’s ready for their big day later in the year ( at a venue very very special to me ) and I am really looking forward to being their wedding photographer. and documenting their day !