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Genius styling, doughnuts, Caricature artist and sparklers for a North Devon Wedding

Certain events or moment’s always stand out at any wedding I photograph and when I think back to Daniel and Victoria’s wedding back in january there a few things that stand out but  it’s actually a concept that stand’s out for me the most and that was Victoria’s wedding dress! It was truly stunning and did actually make me gasp the words “wow” when I entered the room. What made it stand out I hear you ask…..well, it was two dresses in one!!! If that is not genius styling I do not know what is. She had a slimline fitting Amanda Garrett ‘snowflake’ dress full of sparkle and hand beading which was so fitting to a winter wedding. Victoria then co- ordinated it with a voluminous tulle over-skirt and baby blue pure silk sash and voila she had achieved two looks for one day, removing the tulle skirt for the evening reception. I adored her idea and she pulled it off beautifully. What she also pulled off was that Daniel actually had no idea she was going to transform for the evening - he had no idea that it was in fact two dresses as the blue sash made it seamlessly look like one. So when she came down stairs after the wedding breakfast and he was at the bottom waiting for her his face was a picture. Talking of styling the venue decor was by Wedding’s By Claire. All of the details so carefully matched other elements of the day such as bridesmaid dresses, flowers and so forth. 

Let’s talk doughnuts …… opting not to have a traditional wedding cake ( anyone who know’s me I am a huge lover of little breaks in tradition), Daniel and Victoria provided an impressive display of Krispy Kreme doughnuts which were served as dessert’s. The smell……oh my days, the smell! ( Did I mention the smell) The aroma of these said doughnuts filled the room and it was divine  and as boards of these doughnuts were passed around the guests they became a real talking point! It was safe to say they went down a storm.

Something else that went down a storm was that Daniel and Victoria booked a Caricature artist to draw guests whilst enjoying reception drinks! It is so fascinating to watch an artist work and see these drawings come to life , such talent and also very enjoyable to watch the recipient recieve their sketch!

When Victoria walked down the aisle, she walked down to the incredible voice of local singer Tamsin Ball, she also sang during the signing of the register and through the reception! Wow, what a beautiful voice, I could have listened to her all day, and after having a little chat with her when she finished she is also the most lovely person too.

Also something that was very fitting to a winter wedding was sparklers! which we got some shots of just before the evening guests arrived and the first dance as husband and wife took place. During the first dance some of the guests joined them on the dancefloor and as the song changed and picked up pace ready to party I thought the choice of Van Halen’s ‘Jump’ was perfect to get the party started .

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